Health and Activity Monitoring of Humans and Animals via Contactless Sensing


This research theme creates new smart sensing technologies and IoT systems for health assessment and assistance. The purpose of this research is to connect Data, People and Systems in a variety of areas of value to health, such as networking, pervasive computing, advanced analytics, sensor integration, privacy and security, modeling of socio-behavioral and cognitive processes. Effective solutions must satisfy a multitude of constraints arising from clinical/medical needs, barriers to change, heterogeneity of data, semantic mismatch and limitations of current cyber-physical systems and an aging population. Such solutions demand multidisciplinary teams to address issues ranging from fundamental science and engineering to medical and public health practice.

Research Thrusts

We invented a series of contactless sensing technologies including BedDot, SeatDot, FloorDot and CageDot, for the health and activity monitoring of humans and animals.

SCH: Contactless and Engagement-free Sleep Apnea Monitoring and Characterization

NIH R01 #1R01HL172291-01 (Contact PI: WenZhan Song, PI: Brad Phillips, Yuan Ke, University of Georgia)

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a major health problem and can lead to or increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, metabolic disease, daytime sleepiness, workplace errors, traffic accidents and death, if it is left undetected. Worldwide it is estimated one billion people, one in seven adults, have OSA. As sleep occurs primarily in the bedroom, monitoring sleep quality at home, instead of in sleep labs, would significantly advance the self-management, and potentially the clinical management, of OSA and other sleep disorders. Thereafter, an approach that noninvasively monitors sleep quality at home would have significant societal and health benefits. This project brings together leading researchers from informatics and health disciplines to create a contactless sensor system for OSA monitoring and characterization, which integrates advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS) into smart sensors and home care. The key research challenges are to convert the information-rich sensor signals to clinically meaningful vital signs and behavioral patterns that are linked with OSA. The proposed research makes fundamental contributions to computer, data and biomedical science and engineering and will create the first contactless Internet of Things (IoT) system for real-time and engagement-free sleep apnea monitoring and characterization. The main technological innovation is a set of novel stream data AI/DS for sleep events and vitals monitoring: a robust signal quality control and segmentation process based on a moving-sum statistic and recursive binary segmentation; a novel factor auto-regressive recurrent neural network framework to characterize key sleep events; a new approach of monitoring vital signs and their variations based on an innovative panel data model and the structural changes in regression coefficients; and a flexible and distributional robust feature assessment method to enable out-of-distribution (OOD) generalization. The proposed interdisciplinary research takes a coordinated approach that balances theory with evidence-based analysis and systematic advances. The project will conduct empirical validation of new concepts through research prototypes, ranging from specific components to entire systems, and lead to new fundamental insights and effective usability. The research addresses issues ranging from fundamental science and engineering to medical and health practice.

Faculty / Postdoctoral Associates / Students

  • WenZhan Song
  • Fangyu Li
  • Jose Clemente
  • Maria Valero
  • Zhiwei Luo
  • Sili Wang
  • Yingjian Song
  • Zaid Pitafi
  • Bingnan Li



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