Smart Connected System for Health Assessment and Assistance


This research theme creates new smart connected IoT systems for health assessment and assistance. The purpose of this research is to connect Data, People and Systems in a variety of areas of value to health, such as networking, pervasive computing, advanced analytics, sensor integration, privacy and security, modeling of socio-behavioral and cognitive processes and system and process modeling. Effective solutions must satisfy a multitude of constraints arising from clinical/medical needs, barriers to change, heterogeneity of data, semantic mismatch and limitations of current cyber-physical systems and an aging population. Such solutions demand multidisciplinary teams to address issues ranging from fundamental science and engineering to medical and public health practice.

Research Tasks

Floor activity tracking

  • Smart seismic sensors in the floor of each room allow activity tracking, or in the mattress allow sleep monitoring.
  • Identify family members and track activities
  • Fall detection and alarm
  • Monitor and assess health changes
    • Two feet differ and have an unbalance
    • Walking behavior changes

  • Trajectory tracking. Experiments conducted at the sensorweb lab.

Contact-free sleep monitoring
A smart sensor is designed to monitor the heart and respiratory rates, and body movement and posture, during the sleep.


IEEE Percom 2020 Best Paper Award:

Seat Dot

  • Real-time contactless sitting activity and vital monitoring
  • Features:
    • Contactless vital and activity monitoring
    • Potential implication of emotion and cognitive status
    • Privacy-preserving, real-time
  • Value proposition:
    • Productivity improvement
    • Risk reduction

Cage Dot

  • Real-time contactless animal activity and vital monitoring:
    • No commercially-available contactless devices for monitoring physiologic parameters in small mammals or reptiles;
    • Quantify the effects of drugs and vaccines

Smart Phone Assistive Technology

  • A smartphone can sense various body parameters via audio, vibration, and camera
  • Smartphone monitoring systems for recognizing cough

Faculty / Postdoctoral Associates / Students

  • WenZhan Song
  • Fangyu Li
  • Jose Clemente
  • Maria Valero
  • Zhiwei Luo
  • Sili Wang


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