Management Tools

Various software tools have been developed for network management and data manipulation.


We developed a network monitor tool based on the Surge java tool in TinyOS. It can display the network topology and the status of each node, and visualize the real-time sensing data in readable format. Moreover, it can record events from sensor nodes and send email alert to users if a node stops sending packet for a certain period. It also provides users the interface to issue user commands to adjust the network behavior.


We have designed and implemented Panorama (See Figure1), a sensor network visualization and monitoring web tool for Mount St. Helens as part of our testbed. This system provides the user with the real-time and precise visualization of the sensor network deployed in a harsh environment. Additionally, Panorama also provides an interface to configure the sensor networks, such as changing the priority of specific data types and sampling rates for each sensor.

Figure 1 A Snapshot of Panoroma


VALVE (Volcano Analysis and Visualization Environment) is a web application that allows on-demand visualization of history sensing data from any location on the Internet. OasisValve is based on VALVE and hosted in WSU Vancouver campus. It continuously imports and logs seismic, infrasonic, lightning, battery voltage, LQI data, etc. for analysis purpose.