LiveWeb: a Real Time Search Engine Sensing the World


The world never stops changing and evolving as time slips. Living in such a volatile and information-explosive world, it is difficult but important to keep ourselves updated and stay informed in real-time. In the Internet, we have Google to find things that are static, but not events in real-time. LiveWeb regards everything that changes over time as an event or a “sensor”. Anything new that can satisfy the criteria will trigger an event. LiveWeb allows real-time searching and monitoring of “sensors” data with a set of constraints as event trigger. LiveWeb will notify people who monitors it. Liveweb is a search engine of online products and real-time sensor data stream. Liveweb let people sense the world in real-time.

It currently senses data from Amazon books, eBay Books, local Craiglist rentals, local grocery stores, as well as real-time sensor data from our lab test beds. In addition, it allows user to publish product information. For example, students may use LiveWeb to sell or buy used books.

Visit the LiveWeb portal (ongoing development): Try to search “wireless sensor network” books with price under 90. If you can not find any existing one, then add this search into monitor (after login). You will get notified by email once a “wireless sensor network” book arrived with the matched price.