The high school summer intern hosted by our lab received Winner award from UGA Young Dawgs program

The high school summer intern hosted by our lab, Rohan Vuppala, received the Winner award from UGA Young Dawgs program. The Winner award is the highest recognition from UGA Young Dawgs program to high school student interns in each summer.

Young Dawgs is designed to prepare high-achieving high school students for post-secondary education.  Since its inception  in 2008, the program has hosted more than 1000 high school participants who have served almost 115,000 internship hours in departments throughout the UGA campus and community businesses. The program operates year round. Students are juniors or seniors and must have a minimum 3.7 GPA. The vast majority of these students end up being accepted into UGA.

Rohan worked on the micromouse project, he programmed and demonstrated robot navigation within a maze designed for small robots under Dr. Song supervision and the students Maria Valero and Yang Shi. Watch demo videos at and

One of the requirements of the program is that each student must do a presentation at the end of the semester. The presentations are judged by UGA staff, and UGA students using a rubric that focuses on content, presentation skills, creativity, and time. Of the 32 students participating this summer, Rohan’s presentation received one of the three “Winner Awards” thanks to the quality of the computer engineering work that he did was displayed in his presentation, the programming of the robot and his demonstration of how it worked within the maze showed his creativity as well as a basic understanding of the work he was doing in the lab.

For more information about the program, please contact Jim Geiser at or visit Young Dawgs WebPage