CSEE 8300 Principles of Cyber-Physical Systems


Dr. WenZhan Song
Office: 617 Boyd Graduate Study Research Center
Phone: 678-532-8032
Email: wsong@uga.edu
Office Hour: Thursday 11AM-12PM

Lecture Location and Time

Conner Hall, Room 311 (Building 1011 – Room 0311)
Wednesday and Friday, 1:35PM-2:50PM

Course Description

Design principles, algorithms, protocols and tools in cyber-physical systems. The students will be introduced to the principles of in the cyber-physical systems, including sensing, computing, communication, and security, and case studies in real applications. Specific topics covered will change from year to year.

Course Pre-requisite

CSEE 4240 (Wireless Sensor Networks) Or CSCI 4760/6760 (Computer Networks) and ENGR 4230/6230 (Sensors and Transducers), or equivalent

Prerequisite knowledges:

  • Proficiency with the C/C++ programming language
  • Basic digital logic and hardware knowledge
  • Use of Linux environment for coding, compilation, debugging and testing
  • Use of Linux operating system API, particularly low level I/O and file system access
  • Network communication protocols

Important: be sure to talk with me if you did not meet the prerequisite, since the course has programming projects.

Course Topics

  • Design principles and architectures
  • Hardware and software platforms
  • Sensing, coverage, localization and time synchronization algorithms
  • Distributed communication and networking protocols
  • Physics-based and data-driven analytics
  • Cyber-physical attack and countermeasures
  • Selected case studies such as energy, health, and transportation

Please download Lecture Slides and Materials here.

Class Format

The course will be mainly taught in a lecture format. We may organize student presentations, roundtable discussions and lab sessions when needed.


Please submit a hardcopy of homework/report in class and upload homework/report and code (if any) to UGA eLC.


Please see the project guidelines at here.

  • January 31 Project proposals due if you plan to choose your own topics. Please upload it with name “proposal-[Lastname].pdf”. See below for format requirement. You will also need to do a presentation to the class on the due date. If you will choose the default course project, please see default project description here.
  • March 8 Project middle update. These will be a formal presentation given in class describing your project and progress to date. This should be detailing with what you have accomplished so far on your project, and specifically comparing your progress to the milestones you described in your original project proposal. Please submit the presentation slide with name “status-[Lastname].pdf” or “status-[Lastname].ppt” before class.
  • April 19 Project final presentations. These will be a formal presentation given in class describing your project and progress to date. You should have your project completed by that time, apart from writing up the report. During the presentation, please include a live demo or a video/animation demonstrating that you have met the project requirement. Please submit the presentation slide with name “presentation-[Lastname].pdf” or “presentation-[Lastname].ppt” before the class.
  • April 30 Final project reports due. No late papers will be accepted. Please upload the final report with name “report-[Lastname].pdf” and submit a printed copy to my mailbox before the due date.


Assignments tend to vary throughout the semester.  Certainly there will be a couple of projects worth the majority of your grade in the course (at least 50%).  However, there will also be some quizzes and shorter assignments where appropriate. Late submission will result in 30% penalty per day; if the solution is given before your assignment submission, then score zero. Presentations will be mutually graded based this criteria.

Attendance Policy

Your attendance will be tracked, and absences will adversely affect your grade by reducing your maximum score in the course by 5% for unexcused absence.  If you know you will miss class and can’t avoid it, you should email me immediately. Allowable absences under UGA guidelines (e.g. excused medical absence with note from doctor) will not count against you, but you are responsible for all missed material.